Fred Grover Jr. M.D. named Principal Investigator for funded Cerescan Veteran TBI (traumatic brain injury) study!

Dr. Grover will be the PI in a study of 65 Ft. Carson veterans who have suffered TBI’s in recent war activity. Cerescan will be performing an initial and post-treatment functional brain scan to determine if near-infrared led light therapy applied to the scalp can improve blood flow (after several sessions) and heal damaged areas of the brain from concussion. Preliminary studies have been very promising.  The therapy will be performed on site at Ft. Carson and should begin within the next few months. If the results show benefit, this could open the door for additional studies looking at light based therapy for cognitive impairment, alzheimers, etc, without the use of medications.  Exciting stuff!!! We’ll keep you posted!

The Path to Healthier Aging Is Right Here

It may be as simple as getting your annual check-up or getting a suspicious mole removed. But, it could keep you healthy and even save your life.
You might not know but September is Healthy Aging Month! We all know that aging is inevitable but often overlooked is the importance of creating and maintaining a healthy lifestyle combined with preventative healthcare to aid in a greater quality of living and even averting serious illness. Dr. Grover attended the presentation by Nobel Prize recipient Elizabeth Blackburn last Friday for her work on telomeres and aging. She emphasized the importance of healthy lifestyles and preventative medicine that is a core in Dr. Grover’s practice. Telomeres are the tips on your DNA that are a marker for healthy aging.  If they are shorter than they should be, Dr. Grover can prescribe a diet, lifestyle and nutritional intervention to get you back on course!  If you haven’t been tested, book an appointment to see him, and we can give you the kit in our office.
Healthy Aging Month is an annual event focusing on the medical and health issues which arise from aging. Aging people — loosely defined as anybody growing older — can take charge of their own health by taking advantage of any or all of the areas of preventative medicine we offer here at RevolutionaryMD, such as:
·      Wellness Programs
·      Anti-Aging Medicine
In addition, we also offer massage, Pulsed Electromagnetic Therapy, and aesthetic skin care.

Aging is the one and only health issue that impacts 100 percent of the population. No matter what your chronological age is, you can take steps to reduce the likelihood of disease or serious illnesses. Proactive is so much easier than reactive. Don’t wait until it’s too late! Make an appointment with Dr. Grover today!

Experiencing hot flashes? Having anxiety and loss of memory? Not sleeping? It could be a hormone imbalance.

As we age, the levels of our hormones that control sleep, weight loss, memory and many other important functions decline, causing the above symptoms and more. Fortunately, there is a solution in bioidentical hormone therapy.
Bioidentical hormones have the exact molecular structure of the hormones that a woman’s body produces naturally. In other words, these hormones are no different from the hormones that a woman’s body produces.  Bioidentical hormones are individually formulated at compounding pharmacies, made from ingredients found in nature, to have the same molecular structure as the hormones made by your own body.  The FDA has approved many of these hormone products and continues to approve them after ongoing research.
Facts About Bioidentical Hormone Therapy:
  • Bioidenticals are often prescribed in a transdermal cream, as well as oral troches and transdermal patches. This allows the hormones to go directly into the bloodstream rather than having to pass through the liver in pill form. This also results in fewer hormonal peaks and valleys and reduces the risk of a blood clot as occassionally seen with oral forms.
  • Some patients are not good candidates for bioidentical hormone therapy, depending upon their medical history. During your consultation we will determine together, if bioidenticals are right for you.
  • By contrast, synthetic hormones are intentionally different. Synthetic hormones are derived from a variety of sources and differ dramatically from the natural hormones they are supposed to mimic. Pharmaceutical companies can’t patent a bioidentical structure, so they invent synthetic hormones with different molecular structures so they can be copyrighted and sold at a high price.
  • Herbal remedies, anti-depressants, and/or the birth control pill may offer some temporary relief but are usually short lived. Additionally there are considerable side effects to these treatments, including worsening hot flashes, worsening libido and weight gain.
  • Good nutrition, proper fluid intake, and exercise are all helpful in maintaining healthy, stable hormones.
Dr. Grover received extensive preventative medicine, anti-aging, hormone restoration, and integrative medicine training in addition to his family medicine training. He is experienced in the use of bioidentical hormones for women and men, and also enjoys fine tuning thyroid, growth and adrenal hormones to an optimal range. He is available for anti-aging consultations to assess ways to slow your aging process and improve your quality of life. Please book an appointment online or call to book a consultation and also check out our Advanced Wellness Program that covers bioidentical hormone treatment!
Don’t forget, Dr. Grover has moved to a new larger and more beautiful space at 3400 E. Bayaud Ave, Suite 444, next to Gates Tennis Center.

A Personalized Path to Weight Loss with Pathway Fit ®? Yes, Please!

Clothing, shoes and belts don’t come in One-Size-Fits-All, so why should your diet? There are endless possibilities for losing weight from Nutrasystem to Weightwatchers and for many those plans might work. But instead of guessing which diet will work best for you, we’ve got a better idea. What about finding the best possible diet for you as an individual? That’s exactly where Pathway Fit ® comes in.

The Pathway Fit ® report provides personalized information and recommendations based on your genetics to assist you in understanding your metabolism and dietary traits, optimizing the effects of physical activity and exercise, and enhancing the nutritional balance of your diet.

According to Pathway Genomics, “Pathway Fit ® analyzes over 75 genetic markers that have been shown to impact metabolism, exercise and energy use within the human body. Through the examination of these genes, which are expressed in various organs, such as the brain, stomach, gut, muscle, pancreas, and directly in fat tissue, they are able to gain an insight into how your body processes sugars, fats, nutrients and vitamins. What’s more, the Pathway Fit report includes detailed analysis on how your body may respond to exercise, and your potential response to certain foods, all of which may lead to healthy choices and a better lifestyle.”

Dr. Grover is now offering the new Pathway Genomics Fit Test in his office. Who knew that spitting in a test tube can help you determine the best diet plan to help you lose weight! Ask him about it the next time you’re in or give him a call today! 1 (888) 726-4442

6 Ways to Boost Your Weight Loss

We all know that the healthiest, most natural way to lose weight is of course, eating right and exercising but for many and especially as we age, our metabolisms play a bigger part. Want to jumpstart that metabolism? Combine these suggestions with a healthy diet and exercise for extra pound shedding.

Don’t Leave Out The Weights – While cardio is important, it only keeps your metabolism going just a short while afterwards. Studies show that after weight lifting, the metabolism keeps rocking well after the workout. Mix it up! Weight train a few days out of the week and get your cardio in on the days off!  For cardio also consider interval training which will boost your met rate more than a long run.

Don’t Starve – A lot of people think that not eating will be the weight loss miracle they’ve been waiting for but who can keep up that unhealthy diet forever? I’m not saying you need to eat more just eat more often! Eating 5 (or more) small meals daily will put your metabolism into hyper-drive.

Plenty of Green Tea – One of the easiest and best things you can do for your body is drink Green Tea. It’s packed with antioxidants that can help battle cancer, reduce your risk for numerous diseases and obesity! Coffee especially those less processed, “green coffee”, can also work well. We carry Pure Inventions Green tea concentrate which can give you a major boost with great flavor to a hot or ice cold tea.  Each dropper contains the equivalent of close to 20 cups of green tea minus the caffeine.

Ice Cold H2O – Next time you feel the urge to eat, try drinking 20 ounces of cold water. Many times, thirst can be mistaken for hunger so filling the void with water is a calorie-free way to curb the appetite.

Put Some Spice In Your Diet – According to studies, a spicy meal can temporarily crank your metabolism up 8% higher than your normal rate. Spicy food has also been shown to be an appetite suppressant. Stock up of Cholula and Sriracha and add it to your favorite dishes! Curry is great too, and has benefits for your brain.

Track your daily fitness with Fitbit. I love this tool and many of my patients are successfully shedding pounds with it too.  Check out

Still Strugggling?

Make an appointment online to visit and have Dr. Grover check your thyroid, hormone balance and metabolic rate!

Effective Alternative Low Back Pain Treatments

Lower back pain seems to be as common as allergies these days and if you haven’t had it already, chances are you’ll experience it at some point.  It could stem from daily stress, old injuries or a new one but one thing is for sure, when it hits you, you’ll want relief . . . and fast. Some people will head to their family doc, a chiropractor, and some to physical therapy.  In severe cases you may undergo an MRI and be referred to an orthopedic specialist if you’ve developed weakness or have a worrisome finding on the scan.  But in many recent studies, conservative care, including massage therapy may be your best bet.

A study in the July 5 issue of the Annals of Internal Medicine shows that massage is an effective treatment for lower back pain. In some cases, researchers report, the benefits of massage lasted for six months or longer. 401 people with chronic low back pain and no identifiable reason for the pain were enrolled in the program. Study participants were randomly assigned to one of three treatments. One group received full-body relaxation massage. A second received targeted deep tissue massage. The third group got the usual care — medication and physical therapy.

In relaxation massage, often referred to as Swedish massage, a variety of maneuvers are used to promote a feeling of relaxation throughout the body and muscles. Structural massage, commonly referred to as deep tissue massage, targets specific pain related tissues, ligaments and joints.

After 10 weeks, the results were dramatic: Nearly two-thirds of the patients who received either type of weekly massage said their back pain was significantly improved or gone altogether. Only about one-third of patients receiving the usual care experienced similar relief.

Have you been experiencing lower back pain recently? Instead of taking the most costly route first, why not try massage? Here at RevolutionaryMD, we incorporate massage therapy into our service offerings. Our two highly skilled, certified massage therapists are experienced in treating a wide range of issues to help you de-stress, recoup and recover from nagging low back pain and so much more! 

In addition to massage therapy, we offer PEMF therapy, that can also work excellent for chronic or acute low back pain.  This can be combined with massage therapy, physical therapy and other modalties.  Click here to learn more.

To book an appointment Just click here!

Introducing Magnetic Resonance therapy! (Aka Pulsed Electical Magnetic Field Therapy/PEMF)

How can you reduce pain, oxygenate cells, promote healing and improve energy all at once? Our newest offering, pulsed electrical magnetic therapy, (PEMF) may be the answer for you. Below are some of the most common questions about PEMF.

Where did it come from?
The use of magnetic field therapy in clinical applications dates back over 500 years. In the 15th century, Swiss physician and alchemist Paracelsus used lodestones, or naturally magnetized pieces of the mineral magnetite, to treat conditions such as epilepsy, diarrhea, and hemorrhage. He believed that the ability of magnets to attract iron could be replicated by attracting disease away from the body. In the mid-19th century, magnetic ointments produced in New York were introduced as remedies for a whole spectrum of illnesses such as headaches, inflammation of the bowels, burns, fever sores, rheumatism, gout, and toothache.  At this time, the therapies were crude and unproven, but now with the application of technology and solid research trials things have changed.
How does it work?
PEMF uses pulsing magnetic fields, developed by pulsing a small amount of battery current through coils of wire, to initiate normal biological cellular reactions that result in improved circulation and provide pain relief.
What results can I expect?
PEMF therapy is a relaxing, healthful therapy that can reduce or eliminate the need for pharmaceuticals if you suffer from stiffness, soreness or painful conditions.  You will usually see a difference in 1 to 2 weeks of therapy, and you may also sleep better with PEMF therapy.
What type of equipment do you use?
Our office uses the clinically proven, world leading manufacturer MediConsult’s iMRS (“intelligent magnetic resonance system”), a German-engineered pulsed electromagnetic field therapy.

Having done the research on PEMF, I’ve become convinced that magnetic resonance plays a vital role in health and wellness. Still curious? Visit our website to see Dr. Oz video discussing it and links to supporting research article.

Call or book an appointment online to try it out!

Your Personalized Path To Health in 2012

On the bucket list of 2012 resolutions, there were probably things like “eat better”, “get in shape”, “do more yoga”, etc., am I right? Yet all these things have to do with one main goal – being a healthier person. Sure, you could cut down on carbs and commit to running a mile every other day, but what if that’s not the right path for your body? We’re all different and that means there are specific paths to each of our individual goals.
At RevolutionaryMD, we are frequently consulted for nutritional and lifestyle assessments to help you feel and look your best.  The initial consult lasts just an hour and can give Dr. Grover the beginnings of a framework that will get you on YOUR best individual track.

Some of our on-site testing, such as body composition and metabolic rate are used to help get you on your ideal caloric intake, helping you achieve your ideal weight. While lab testing by Spectracell, Genova, ALCAT, and Quest to name a few, are also available to help identify any nutritional or hormonal deficiencies that may be adversely impacting your weight loss plan.

Dr. Grover has recently added pulsed electromagnetic therapy to help patients with pain, neural inflammation, and many other issues. Check it out at here. This therapy is mainstream in Europe, and recently endorsed by Dr. Oz.

Wishing everyone a romantic and fun Valentines Day!

The Easiest Way To Trace Your Steps . . . and Sleep and Diet . . .

Have you ever wondered just how active you really are during the day? Or maybe you’re curious about how much quality sleep you’re actually getting at night. Whether it’s out of curiosity or you’re trying to stick to a new years resolution, the technology to track it all has arrived.

fitbit is a small wireless device about the size of a portable usb that you wear in order to track your activity during the day. Sure, a pedometer tracks how many steps you take and how far you go but fitbit takes it a few steps further. It lets you track your diet, how often you were sedentary, lightly active or very active, calories burned and calories consumed. The best part is that it wirelessly syncs to your computer so you can get your results in an easy to view format!

Even better is that fitbit can monitor your sleep! It doesn’t just tell you how long you slept, it tracks how long it took you to get to sleep, how many times you woke, and the overall quality of your sleep. Other features include free online tracking tools, a social sharing site for peer support, workout and meal logging, and it also works well with other great apps such as RunKeeper to help you reach your health goals faster!

Curious? Of course you are. Check out fitbit’s website for more info or watch this quick video!

Interested? I thought so. Ask me about fitbit the next time you’re in!

5 Great Indoor Fitness Classes

It’s a challenge to stay motivated during the winter months unless you are an avid skier, boarder, or enjoy snowshowing!  Staying active will not only aid your waistline through January and February, it will also help keep those winter blues at bay and help improve your overall health. I find that jumping in on an indoor group class helps me stay motivated. Here are 5 great group fitness classes to keep you happy and healthy through the winter months.


Spinning is all the rage these days. It’s no surprise considering the fact that one 40-minute spin class can burn as many as 500 calories. I can’t think of a better way to stay in shape and keep warm during January.


Become a yogi this winter and soothe your body and mind. The combination of strengthening poses, stretches, and mediation are an excellent way to stay trim and optimistic during these dark and cold winter months.

Spin yoga?

Yes, spin yoga. It’s like a two for one deal, combining the strengthening and meditative qualities of yoga with the cardiovascular, calorie-burning elements of spinning. The two forms of exercise may seem to be at opposite ends of the spectrum, but compliment each other nicely. And both encourage the student to center, finding a mind/body connection.

A typical class will start with yoga poses on a mat. The poses become more rigorous as you warm up. Once your warm and have gotten a bit of upper body strengthening, it’s time to spin. Classes range anywhere from 60 to 90 minutes.


This is cardio like you’ve never experienced it before. Zumba is a Latin-infused, high calorie burning dance fitness class. It’s a fun way to get fit and feel great.


The great thing about training with kettlebells is that it tones and strengthens the entire body. Athletes have used these techniques for sometime, but kettlebell has only recently made a splash in the mainstream fitness world. A class involves series of exercises, performed with bowling ball sized weights that have handles for lifting. These exercises use multiple muscles at once, toning and strengthening the core.